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Welcome to Xplosion!
We are a kid-friendly, minigames Minecraft server.

King Of The Hill
In KOTH, you start at the bottom of a giant mountain, with certain weapons. You have to climb and parkour your way to the top and try to kill the other players trying to get up! The first one to the top wins.

In QuakeCraft, everyone starts with a insta-kill railgun and the first to 10 kills wins! No teams, it is a free for all.

Trouble In Terrorist Town
Inspired by the popular game (Garry's Mod) gamemode, TTT is our newest gamemode. Traitors kill everyone (or try to )  Detectives kill traitors, and are a lot stronger then innocents, who also try to find and kill traitors.

Slender Hunt
Slenderman. The name fills us with fear. Well, take out your fear by killing Slenderman! One player is chosen to be Slenderman, and is given special powers. The kids (the rest of the players) are innocent citizens Slender has kidnapped. you have escaped from your cell, but Slender found out! Kill him... before he kills you.

Every donation helps. Remember, we're here for you. Please consider purchasing premium to help support the network. Plus, you get some awesome perks!
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